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Replied by gazfun
Turn16 April 22-3- Next (24 + 12) 36 hours to next deadline unless notified Thanks guys
18 minutes ago
Replied by romanov
Ned Do you want to update to patch 221k before proceeding?
2 hours ago
Replied by romanov
Hi all Before doing my turn, is everyone still prepared to continue with this game, or are you all satisfied withthe results so far? Also patch 221k is now out as well as tinjaw has informed us. Av
2 hours ago
Replied by dave g
Here is Turkey turn 15
4 hours ago
Replied by sorta
HST file Turn 7
4 hours ago

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Current gaming activity of this group. We are a multi gaming group.

Sign up for lots of fun.

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..........,Sun Tzu









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