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    1 August 2017

    New dedicated admin takes over Since May 2017. Having a dedicated admin for this site is a great relief for me (gazsom) over the past years we have had Game Moderators which is A help, but mainly someone who can really assist in getting the dialog right (not only to supply a OOB of battle) which has been the best some help some can come up with. Xeflin has greatly assisted and will continue is this direction. Since the PURGE of March 2017 which discovered by means of a undercover boss type approach to the problem of bullying, trolling, and pshycopathic behaviours, we have reduced this significantly. Without some kind of group structure everyone can be exposed to this and it has become a scurge on the internet, anyone who wants some genuine good fun without the hassles you are welcome to join us, by using the simple registration sign on form, doesnt matter weather you are 18 or 80 come have some fun.

    We do not want this.


    4th June 2015

    More players joining ATG games, and the Mod Team are planning a Napoleonic Random game, which willl mean all the wonderful things about leaders and maps will be randomised so the monoploy of one country may not this time have all the great generals.  Time to make your own history. Go here to find out more.

      4th March 2015

    New Tournament Game to start ATG WW2 Random game with Regimes at start positions. This will be a 8player. If you want to know more go to the link below.

    Multiplayer see forum link

    26th February 2015

    Other News

    Global Dominanion Game 1938. This game was designed by Claus "ernieschwitz" 

    Game Progress News

    ATG Napoleonic Campaign 5 player game continues, and has been going now for 4 months since November 2014. The game starts traditionally in January 1805 and is now July 1807. This is 2 years and 6 months into the game in such a short time. Looks like this game is well underway.

    Our other ATG game is a 8player 4 human and 4 AI players (Game 15See forum )a tulmultuous game where its a struggle against the AI so far 3  AI players have been taken out of the game by brute force, with players allying to beat a common foe. We are into the 4th year of this Campaign with more to follow, good luck Ned, Pans, Romanov & gazfun.

    5th November 2014

    New WW2 ATG Random Game starts 8 player game, 4 Human and 4 AI+ to add extra challenge see in Forum


    26th October 2014

    New ATG Napoleonic Campaign has started. This is a stand alone game using ATG only with no Histwar 3rd party Rules


    Game three Finishes with David Whitworth as winner Playing Turkey ......Congratulations David!

    Game 3 final figures

    Arne (Alrocco) has come a close second with only 1% differance between the leaders

    And thanks to all the others participants for being involved

    Pinkpanzer, Eske2u,SteveW,Scoted1 for there persistance in Game 3

    I guess its a bit of a victory for all of us to see another EiA game finished