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  4. Saturday, 22 July 2017
I posted this in the Matrix forum. Attached is v1.22.00 beta that addresses several PBEM and 3rd Party Combat issues. I think I have tracked down and resolved the loan money issue, again, and hopefully resolved it for good. I am still seeing some DOW issues in my internal playtesting but others in a 7-player PBEM game using v1.21.04 have not seen any problems. The following is the changelog for this version:

Empires in Arms the Napoleonic Wars - 1.22.00
- 0000106: [Game Enhancement] Implement external combat option for naval battle – closed.
- 0000581: [UI Enhancement] Warning of extensive foraging losses – resolved, to provide more warnings for player confirmation.
- 0000619: [Game Bug] Cannot Specify a Surrender in 3rd Party Combat – closed, PPs are supposed to be awarded if corps or fortifications are involved.
- 0000670: [Game Bug] There is no 'draw but defender withdraws' option in 3rd Party Combat System – closed, only the attacker retreats in draw.
- 0000782: [PBEM Bug] Diplomacy Phase messages – resolved?
- 0000817: [PBEM Bug] Awaiting battle results pop up message is confusing – resolved.
- 0000846: [Game Bug] Lend money to Major Power – resolved?
- 0000849: [Game Enhancement] Can't use 3rd Party Combat Resolution when running a blockade – closed, running blockade forces an immediate combat resolution during naval move not naval combat phase.
- 0000859: [PBEM Enhancement] Clearing PBEM Battle Folder – resolved?
- Restore phase skip for simultaneous diplomacy – resolved?
- Add prompts for PBEM phase skips if no reinforcements arriving or no naval forces – resolved.
- Cosmetic improvements for View Turn Income Summary readability – resolved.

Install EiANW.exe into your Empires in Arms game folder.
Install wgslabel.txt into your \Data\programtext folder.

I would greatly appreciate one or more PBEM playgroups to give this beta version a playtest and provide comments. The updated files can be installed over the v1.21.04 official release, but I recommend a clean separate install as a beta version. I'm really looking for feedback on the lending money between MPs, DOWs working, whether sim dip phase skips works, and the new messages for PBEM games. This could be a 7-player game, or a smaller playgroup would be fine. Just a quick PBEM game to get through 1 or 2 economic phases to see if things work.

If PBEM works OK, I'll wrap this up as an official hotfix while I continue to work on other issues for the next v1.22.xx official release.
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