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updated 1 August 2017



There are  3  levels of membership to our club.


1.      Newly Registered Member:  


This level is gained on registration and lasts for the first 3 months.  You may initiate conversations, post replies, comment on, like and vote on our Chat Social site.   Also, it is expected that you join into a game. - only 1 game at this time. And that game is a bipartisan game 


2.      Registered Members:


On becoming a full registered member after 3 months, you may play in up to 2 games. One game must be a bipartisan game. 


3.      Subscribed Members


After 6 months, you may wish to become a moderator in a game. For this you need to be a subscribed member of the club.  The cost is $5  a year and can be renewed each year.  Subscribed players may be involved in up to 3 games. 

4.      Continued membership requires a signing in to TGHQ site at least once a year.

Xeflin SIte Admin


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Updated17th April 2017

Player Code of game conduct

Players represent different countries in a game situation. When battles occur, they are NOT fought PLAYER against PLAYER, but only as SIDE against SIDE. Courteous behavior is expected by all players to members here which means a reply is expected to greetings given.


   Polite, diplomatic language is expected during interactions. Ignoring or not responding to communication is regarded as an automatic decline and is the result if no response is received before the initiating players next turn. Some games have   "automatic decline" after a certain period of time, built into them.. Please check if this function is built into the game you are playing before proceeding.

   Replies or responses must be received by the initial communicator before their (initial communicator’s) next turn.

   Personnel attacks against players will NOT be tolerated. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is the goal – be gracious in winning (good game – you almost got me), and gracious in defeat (good game – it’ll be different next time). (To this end, AARs document your gaming and are a great way to review strategic decisions.)


1.   Be clear. Be brief. – Write short email messages with a crystal clear point. Do not write long winded confusing paragraphs that leave room for misinterpretation.

2.  Proofread. – Proofread your message multiple times. If the email deals with touchy subject matter, have a third-party read it over as well. This can give you added perspective on how well it will be received by the intended recipient.

3. Wait. – Write the email, proofread it, and then sit on it for a little while. Knock off a couple other tasks before you have second look at it. If your emotions were flaring when you wrote the email, a little time can allow these emotions to settle, allowing you to evaluate the message in a different light.

4. Pick up the phone! – While email can be a convenient communication channel, certain discussions need to be handled over the phone, or if possible, in person. If you notice that the situation is starting to deteriorate, don’t send another email, it’s time to pick up the phone or arrange a face to face meeting on skype or another method.


All proposals are considered negotiations. While we recognize that we cannot describe all possible negotiations that may occur in a game, the overarching idea - that negotiations have 2 main components, namely proposal/response and a time factor, should be a reliable guide as to how to conduct negotiations. Negotiations are written documents, recorded in communications between players. On the site this is done with the TGHQ chat social software using ’save conversation.

It is expected that players entering negotiations with other players, including offering peace terms, should receive a first response to the communication, of "I got your message" .                                                                                                                              

                   Example:   I will talk peace if you agree not to attack for the next 5 turns. (a conditional statement)

by agreeing or rejecting the proposal.

                   "Yes, I agree".   . or   "No, I don’t agree"     ("I cant respond at this time" and ''Ï don't know" answers are considered '' NO'' answers - players will need to turn these into conditional statements if wanting to continue negotiations. E.g. "I cannot respond at this thime, but will be able to in 2 turns...)

It may be 'settled ‘or it may then be met with a decision with an added condition.

                   Yes, but I want 500 money.   or     No, but I will in a month.

                   Agreed / No - Settlement reached!

Negotiations continue until a settlement is reached.

Negotiation completion must be received by the initial communicator before their next turn.

Once agreement has been signalled, it is immediately binding on both parties and all steps must be taken ASAP to abide by the agreement. Failure to meet these conditions will meant a player will be in default. A player in default is suspended from the game for a period of time - their turn/s is/are just clicked over and no other player may action the defaulter’s assets.


Players please submit turns within 24hrs for “I go, you go”, and 36 hours for “We Go” software, after the previous player has submitted their turn.

Where there is failure to submit turn within the allocated time, the GM, Site Admin or Super Admin’s decision is final. When a player knows or suspects that his turn will be submitted late, communication with one of those above is advised.

To receive updates and notifications of submitted turns, etc, all players must have a current email address associated with that game file submission forum.

Ranking score can be affected by late submission of turns.

If you are going away for an extended period and cannot submit turns or are intending to permanently leave a game, for whatever reason, then you are expected to recruit a substitute player. Otherwise that side can be reverted to AI run

Note: A GM, Site Admin or Super Admin cannot be a substitute player in these games if they are a player in the game already. Also, the substitute player cannot be someone who has already reached the 2 game limit.

By Xeflin Site Admin

TGHQ copyright


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Some recent shots played weekend friday 22nd January 2016 Romanov and Gazfun

Battle of Timpko Chateau

Three objectives to win the battle Moulin de Speltz, Modlno (centre right) and the Forest at Tanherall. The french have the centre position

12th Division defending the woods objective

Some of the French 12th Division in action defending the woods objective which is centre right, on the map

12th and 14th Divisions in the back ground splitting

Earlier troops movemets. In the distance the 12th & 14th Divisions move towards the woods objective point, as D'erlon notices the Prussian have taken thier objective far right on the map (seemap)

Close up action shot



 The Prussian start position is where the small UK/Prussian Flag icon is located at the North of the map. From here the Prussians had a long journey to their objectives.

Unfortunately it did not come out as clear as i had hoped.


The Following two Images are of Von Bolkes Brigade which engaged the French on the bottom left objective.

Both were taken after the battle and shows the ferocity of the fighting.







As this game is Real time Strategy we are starting a real time stratgey community in each time zone.

Our immediate time zone is +8 to +12 GMT

Time Zones

Forum is here 

Start a community in your area









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5th Feb 2016

Russia Landed near Sochi and took the city from the Caucases tribes, this is the first enganement of the war lead by Major General Frederick von Lowis

Hopefully a peace settlement will be soon.

Battle of Sochi


4 weeks into Game1 and report of actions so far by Great Britian vs Netherland at bay of Somme played by Pans

British Naval Victory vs Netherlands



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Looking for an Aditional player for a Game of EiA. This is a trial game with a designated period time set to finish. Testing of this software to extensive level is going to be carried out. Go to the EiA forum to sign in 

November 2016

Special citations will be awarded this year to people who have direclty helped TGHQ this year. As in every year we do award those who go that extra mile. At the 1/12/16 there will be announcement for these people

28th August 2016

We are looking for a replacement player for Game 1 as Austria we are at turn 156. Anyone looking to learn WoN are welcome use link below

Player wanted


June 2016

We have 3 WoN games on the go at the moment, 1 ATG game GD1938. At the moment all our Moderators are busy running games we have one left Romanov who will be running a ATG after july this year, hopefully it will be the Tournament Game of ATG with at least 6 entrants to make it worth while.

The tournament will be run with all entrants randomly chosen to play against each other,  and will play the first round all on the same map, which will be mirrored so no one will get an advantage over the other.

Each subequent  round will be played on a differant random map.



May14 2016

General Announcement:

The forum will undergo a software upgrade today. Although there will be a backup done, and in case something goes wrong please ensure all GM have all the latest files that required for their game as a back up.

All users please beware that some post may have to be posted again.

We dont anticiapete any problems, but this is a heads up for all


May1 2016

ATG Tournament game round robin announced see details link below

April 4 216

We are in the process of working out a round robin ATG game with a maximum if 6 players in each rubber. More details to follow

April 1 2016

Looks like someone Idea of a joke with hacking attempt to this site. All has been fixed. Continue as normal.



28th February 2016

Please see updated Players conduct rules section 6


28tth January 2016

Games looking for players

Hello fellow Gamers.
Currently we have 2 Advanced Tactics Gold Games going and 1 War of Napoleon Game going, as well as Scourge of War on our steam account.
We have positions vacant for another ATG Random Game, please go to this link and register your interest.
Wars of Napoleon (WoN) this is the new game by AGEOD who some say is better than the old EiA we used to play here, Its a good opportunity to get in at the moment because everyone is new to the game and I guess we all have a steep learning curve but it easier when you do it with friends.
We have a second game trying to start we currently have 3 players who are ready to play please go to the below link and sign up.
If there is another game you want and it hasn't happened for you well post here and get a game going for yourself, if you are sick of playing solo here is your chance to have a go and put in a new thread

Also we have the most reliable players around, so you can be sure to get the games finished and have fun doing it.

Cheers from the Admin Team

17th January 2016

Wars of Napoleon starts still looking for more players



  • Grand Campaign 1805-1815 with 2 starting dates (January & August)
  • Austerlitz Campaign 1805
  • Jena Campaign 1806-1807
  • Waterloo Scenario June 1815


  • Create armies and corps and manage how they support each other
  • Lead mighty fleets of ships that can intercept, bombard, and disembark troops.
  • Check your supply network, create depots, forage the land while you march or pillage the enemy regions if the rest fails.
  • Build new units with a brand new system of ‘create and gather’ system.
  • Two set of uniforms for most soldiers depending on army reforms. More than 300 different uniforms from accurate sources, and over 400 portraits of generals redone from historical paintings and sources.
  • Numerous historical options, including reforming your nation and army the way you want.
  • New interface to promote your generals or see the hierarchy of your army more easily.
  • You can guide your allies, if they are AI nations, so you get the most out of them.
  • New history screen where you can check the evolution of your army and the army of your enemies.
  • Form or disband divisions and appoint generals to lead them.
  • Promote generals but beware of the political support of some, if they are bypassed in favour of young promising officers.
  • Lead expeditionary forces assisted by allies and minor nations.
  • Use special orders like forced march, build redoubts, disband units.
  • Muster partisans and levy special emergency troops.


  • Play one among seven major nations: France, Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria, Spain, and Ottoman Empire.
  • Diplomacy with casus-belli, coalitions, defensive treaty, passage rights and more.
  • Send monetary help, gain access to special units and dozens of historical options completely customizable for the major nations.
  • Draft your population, use smugglers, develop your territories and many more decision cards.
  • Large chain of events with multiple possibilities dealing with the insurrections in Spain or special peace treaties.
  • Custom faction modifiers that give your nation a specific feel (e.g. as France, reward your talented generals with The Légion d’Honneur)
  • Handle your resources carefully, like money, guns and horses. Each country has strengths and weaknesses.
  • Form or disband satellite nations.
  • France and Great Britain can form super alliances against one another.
  • As France or Great Britain, try to get the upper hand in the Continental Blockade.

Special Features

  • "What if?” options that you can enable or disable, to shape the course of the war in line with your strategy (e.g. Ensure that The United States  sides with France against Great Britain in 1812).
  • A very large map of Europe with over 4,000 regions and also special areas like the West Indies, North America, Persia and India.



Still looking for a battle of the month see link to post below.

Be as descriptive as you can and by getting the highest vote, you will get closer to earning your "motivator badge" 

This will be an ongoing feature here, so guys heres a chance to get cracking on that battle presto !!

Post Here please