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To be updated soon 050816

As of October 31 2015 we have the following games owned by players here:

Go to the forum to get a player to play your Game go to and post

Game Title PBEM Players TCP/IP Members
Operational Art Of War Y 1 to 2 N 3
Sins Of A Solar Empire N MP Y 3
Scourge Of War (Waterloo) N MP Y 2
Histwar LG Y=2P only MP Y 2
Histwar Napoleon Y=2P only MP Y 2
Galactic Civilizations III Y MP N 2
Order Of Battle Pacific Y 1 to 4 N 1
Pride OF Nations Y MP N 1
Battle Of The Bulge Y 1 to 2 N 1
War Plan Orange Y 1 to 2 N 1
Unity Of Command Y 1 to 2 N 1
Command Ops 1&2 ? ? ? 1
Battle Of Kursk South ? ? ? 1
Hearts Of Iron III ? ? ? 1


 18th April 2015

New Training game for ATG being started join here

There is a learing curve with this game to get it right

13th December 2014

Tournaments games for next year see Announcements Artilces.


18th April 2015

GO to our Advanced Tactics Gold forum to start a Muliplayer game of GD 1938 here

Histwar TCP/IP battles we have players that hook up on a regular days for TCP/IP See Link

According to our sign up survey latest update 14th February 2015 we are a freindly social group come and get to know our players

Players who have interest to play for multiplay titles in Grand Strategy in the following jonre

Medievel     14

Napoleonic 20

ACW           14

WW1          14

WW2          18

Modern       13

Tactical games

 Napoleonics using Histwar 5

Sci fi    5

WW2   4

Modern 3