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Position update 16 March 2017

The position by TGHQ on this game from a majority of Moderators dont think that you will be able to reach a satisfactory level for your enjoyment in the long term, it has scripting errors which dont fire, combat issues that dont take place. You would be far better off with a Game of ATG or chess. That has a simplified political process or no politcs at all.
We have had game 2 and 3 fail because of issues, game 1 has having player political issues and game 4 had combat contact issues where no combat took place at all, in critiical times. Overall not a good record so far
Ageod do recognise the issues and will fix them in due course which can take months, or years who knows.
We have given you this warning and a disclaimer should anything further occur in your game of WoN

As there is a lot of details not yet explained by Ageod of this game we advise that it be taken on with Caution

This game has a lot of political issues which you may not find agreeable to the era. Alliances are controlled largely by scripting events, which has to be accepted by an opponent and that may not happen for quiet some time. In the meantime you could be committed to a military strategy which most likely will be unsustainable, and lead to your defeat, and most likely be ganged up by others because a war can last a years or so. Periods of peace only last 24 weeks and you still may have ongoing Casus Beli issues with a major countries allies which you cannot reach to DOW on. You dont get any direct control of Minor countries despite defeating that minor. There is no avenue to really control thier armed forces even if allied., 100%.

So there is no real period of peace with the game just on going wars which did not happen in that era. As it would of destabilized many Monarchies a lot quicker than it does in this game,  which is not catered.  EiA covers this aspect in a political sense a lot better than WoN

Because of the political content in this game is high, and that Politics is a dirty game at the best of times, we will have our "Personal Player conduct Rules" to be applied for this game.