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Stellaris action


This game has added updates which has vastly improved administrative aspects, and has changed the movement to that of designated space lanes, with Tech improvements of Jump Drives Natural Wormholes, and Constructed Wormholes at designated places.
The advent of Starports that has to be built to secure a section of space for your empire can be upgraded to 4 or 5 levels Starholds, Starforts, Starcities, Citadels.

Stellaris Empires

Galactic Federation (2 powers right and center bottom) vs Grand Compact Alliance (3 powers Top and Bottom)



This forces ships through choke points where areas of space can be easily defended against pirates and the like, or slow down an aggressor.
Each Facility can specialize in many different types like anchorages, Improve defense, Shipyards, storage facilities for resources, and more
Their is now a Fleet Manager system where you can predispose the fleet you want to do specific tasks, and can select what type of ships you want in each fleet.
Reinforcement can be built to a specific fleet with all the ships needed can be built from the closest shipyards which means 3 or 4 ships can be built at the same time from a touch of a button, very handy, when you have just had a major fleet engagement, and need to bolster the fleet up again, which is often the case.
The diplomacy is the best Ive seen, which is the same as when the game was released, There is a special cut off point for all diplomatic offers, which is dependent on the hostility level between entities. So you are not left hanging to know whats going on diplomatically.
We have been playing this for a year now, and happy to play it, and recommend it.
This game will be added to our regular games lists,

If you are new to this game I suggest you go to the many Tutorials available, the game is very dynamic and very challenging


and many more

Currently we been playing a lot of this game live online now, and its handy to meet up here at our live chat room here at Generals Gaming and meet up in the Stellaris Multiplay rooms.

Here are some battle scenes

Video1 Grand Compact Alliance  vs Galactic Federation

Video2 Grand Compact vs Galactic Federation

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